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Legendary Warriors Eric Bloodaxe 1 Oz Silver Round

Legendary Warriors Eric Bloodaxe 1 Oz Silver Round

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There’s a new series of silver rounds available to collectors, and this one boasts custom images of famous warriors from world history. Produced in the United States, this collection of American silver feature famous figures from around the world covering thousands of years of human history. 

Round Highlights:

  • Rounds arrive in plastic flips or protective tubes of 20!
  • 1st issue in the Legendary Warriors Series!
  • American-made silver rounds!
  • Contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver.
  • Obverse features the image of Eric Bloodaxe, or Eric Haraldsson.
  • Reverse includes the common design for the series.

Eric Bloodaxe, also known as Eirik Blodøks, was a Viking ruler who ruled as King of Norway on two separate occasions. He was born in the late 9th century, and his reign is believed to have begun in the 930s.

Vikings had a complex social structure with a warrior-based aristocracy at the top. Viking society also included farmers, traders, craftsmen, and slaves. It was a hierarchical society with laws, a code of ethics, and a strong sense of honor and loyalty.

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